BAAA Membership Details

The Association shall consist of individuals and groups dedicated to the achievement, promotion and advancement of the purposes of this Association through sharing and utilizations of the knowledge, information and ideas of the members.

Membership Categories

  • Regular Member

A person qualifies to be a regular member of the Association if that person has successfully completed tertiary studies in Australia at any Australian Government approved and registered Australian education institution. Regular members are entitled to vote at general meetings.

  • Honorary Member

A person or entity qualifies to be an honorary member of the Association if that person or entity has been granted membership by the Executive Committee in recognition of their past, present or affirmed contribution to the Association. Honorary members are not entitled to vote at General Meetings.

Membership Fee
Membership of the Association becomes effective upon the payment of Nu 500/- as of now as an annual membership fee.The annual membership fee is determined at a General Meeting of the Association.

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